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FPV Pilot – Build A Business

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The first way to make money with FPV drones is as an FPV Pilot.

As an FPV pilot, you are hired to create the raw footage with your FPV drone and then your client handles everything else, meaning you don’t need much editing, color grading or sound design skills.

On the other hand, you need different equipment, because you primarily work with video productions and marketing agencies, which book you as a subcontractor. They then process the raw material and deliver the edited video to their clients. So after the shooting day and after the delivery of your video material, your job is finished and you can directly continue with the next job.

Since video productions often have higher demands on camera quality, you will sooner or later need a Cinelifter, a drone that can also carry larger cameras.

Also a mirrorless camera or a cinema camera is definitely recommended. Primarily used here are the Blackmagic 4k and 6k cameras and the RED cameras such as the Red Komodo.

These cameras are so popular because they now also record gyro data in the raw files and can therefore be perfectly sabilized with gyroflow while also delivering very good quality.

Make sure you use cameras that have a fixed sensor and therefore no image stabilization system, as that will cause problems with gyroflow stabilization. The Sony FX3 is a poorer choice because of Ibis, Better use something like the Sony FX6.